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LX Fresh From The OVEN

I inform My little slave that this is his

"LUCKY DAY". I pat him on the head and tell him that he has been a good little SHIT slave. 


(He is one of My loyal followers for years now. I have regular sessions with this slave, he caters to all My desires without question, but lets get back to todays clip). 


I tell him of the high request I receive from all My fan mail:


Lady X PLEASE once more do another Toilet Fetish clip like only YOU can”.


Lady X I know my chances are slim to none so please make more toilet clips”.


Lady X Your ARROGANT ATTITUDE along with Your toilet clips are AMAZING


The requests are endless!


Once I inform him what his LUCKY Day is all about, he replies with gratitude as he should. I inform him that today....


"I'm going to take the time and I'm going to give you a nice Roasting HOT 

Fresh From The OVEN 

Wonderful, Smelling, Aromatic Meal".                    

his reply "can i eat it right away".


So, I take off My panties and rubem onto his face. The fragrance of My scented panties immediately puts him into a trance. I get on the bed and tell him to prepare for the Wonderful meal. 


(He knows and expresses himself that I am his Goddess, he has earned the privilege of calling Me that). 


Before I even proceed with his meal I take My time telling him how LUCKY he is. you see him just looking back there and waiting for the moment I release his meal.  The time has now come that I part My BIG CHEEKS and release his meal. 


"Oh My Goddess.... Golden too....

 Thank You My Goddess"


Once his true meal starts coming out he goes into a FRENZY.... his tongue starts wagging ready to DIVE in like the hungry SHIT slave that he is. He knows what his next step is but he is so flabbergasted that he fumbles his words. Before he can even start eating his meal he has to Clean ME Up. he takes his meal into the toilet and takes a little bit of time coming back.... I think he took a bite! While he is in the toilet I turn back to you the viewer and ask you 


"Would you want it to be your LUCKY day?" 


Taking to long I had to scold him ordering him to shut the bathroom door and come to Me. Upon his return he assumes his position behind My Goddess LARGE ASS and performs what he has been trained to do. Of course if you know Me.... I always LOVE to add verbal HUMILIATION.


Note: Well My little fan it all starts here. If you ever wish to get a chance with Me Lady X press the "BUY NOW" once you have seen the clip numerous times start off with an emai. It has to be very RESPECTFUL and HUMBLE and we will take it from there.




LX Fresh From The OVEN
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Price: $59.99

Length: 10:42 Minutes
Posted: 08/09/2013
Resolution: 1920X1080
Video Format: MP4
Clip Size: 250.92 MB