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BBB Leisure Time With My slave

Once BIG BOOTY Becky gets off the phone with Her girlfriend She orders the slave to bring Her cigarettes and an ashtray. Immediately the slave complies.... gets down on his knees gives his GODDESS a cigarette and lights it up for Her. He goes to walk away and BIG BOOTY Becky says NO and with Her finger points to Her pussy.

This slave has been around and well trained and knows what that means. BIG BOOTY Becky needs some ORAL SERVITUDE and no one can do it better then Her well trained slave of 3 years.       BIG BOOTY Becky has trained this slave real good and his oral skills are impeccable.

Watch as BIG BOOTY Becky lays back on the couch, smokes Her cigarette and gets Her pussy serviced. She is enjoying his talented tongue working on Her love tunnel. She gives him a compliment what a good pussy boy and good pussy licker he is. But nevertheless BIG BOOTY Becky wants to keep him in check at all times just so it won't go to his head. So She says....

"Be GRATEFUL you Get To Lick This PUSSY".

She also says.... there's nothing better than getting your pussy likced and smoking a cigarette. 
BIG BOOTY Becky's face lights up with ever puff She takes as Her talented tongue slave licks away. Witness as She raps those BIG LEGS around his head and pulls him right in. At the end you will hear and see this BIG LEGGED BBW GODDESS explode on HER slaves face.

What a lucky slave to be owned By a Goddess like BIG BOOTY Becky.


BBB Leisure Time With My slave
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Price: $12.99

Length: 12:31 Minutes
Posted: 07/14/2019
Category: BBW Oral Servitude
Resolution: 1920X1080
Video Format: MP4
Clip Size: 510.42 MB