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JERK OFF Instructions

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LX Sex Therapist

I am your sex therapist and you have a problem ejaculating. You have just arrived on time for your therapy session. Please do come in. You are asked questions how has the therapy been working? You know the small penis therapy session are very specific. I need you to express to Me everything that has been happening, by the looks of it not much! I'm going to need you to take all your cloths off and get on your knees. Yes, you do have a very tiny penis, you are probably one of My most challenged clients.


I will give you some incentive look at

My BIG BEAUTIFUL THIGHS and touch your penis with two fingers, that's all you need I show you by grabbing My pinky and two fingers and showing you how to do it. I want you to start stroking it very gently and feel free looking at My BIG THIGHS.

I encourage you to built up you strokes so maybe we can get one, two or even maybe three droplets  out of your tiny little penis.... if we try hard enough.


NOTE: If you are a fan of small penis humiliation and want someone to be sensitive and understanding about your small member.... This clip will have you cumming over and over again and again! There is so much more to this clip......



LX Sex Therapist
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Price: $7.99

Length: 7:59 minutes
Posted: 10/05/2011
Category: JERK OFF Instructions
Resolution: 802X480
Clip Size: 56.52 MB
Video Format: MP4
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