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LL In The Market For Real Estate

Lady Lajay in in the market to buy some property. The owner of the condo called the building management to let Lady Lajay in because he was running late. She has a strategy that will for sure convince the owner to reduce the price of the condo.


Several points She made to the owner thru the entire conversation.


* Come on in I’ve been waiting for you.

* The place is ok…. there’s not much room.

* It’s furnished but the couch is cheap it doesn’t

  have bounce,

* The table is not real wood.

* Nice size bed but it could have had a canopy.

* Perhaps better quality pillows.

* I would rather see central air as suppose to an

  air-conditioning unit.

* I like the jacuzzi, however I would like a little shelf

  to put candles on.

* It’s not really all I expected, not for the price that

  you’re asking.

* Is this a closet? Oh no Lady Lajay needs a walk in


* Nice marble counter top but the shower needs

  a few jet heads.


Of course this is all done while wearing Her skimpy little black dress that hikes up Her ass exposing Her GORGEOUS ASS. So, Lady Lajay takes it to the little office desk and informs the seller his offer is too much for a place such as this. She feels that there has to be some negotiating. 


Refusing to pay such a price She asks the seller. So, do you think we can works out a deal?…. while spreading Her legs open. Now crossing Her legs hi She says. If we do, there might be in it something for you.


Don’t you wish you were the seller?



LL In The Market For Real Estate
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Price: $8.99

Length: 8:43 Minutes
Posted: 03/17/2020
Category: Ebony Fetish
Resolution: 1920X1080
Video Format: MP4
Clip Size: 263.69 MB