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LX little sub hub

Here I am with My little hubby as he video tapes Me I tell him this is the good stuff baby, showing him My BIG ASS bent over. Do you want some BIG BUTT action? So I start walking and he follows My BIG ASS


(Great sound!... you hear My Big Thighs rubbing against each other as I walk you will also hear

My "little sub hub" talking very soft spoken BEGGIN to hear real good HUMILIATION as I tease him and he Worships Me. you will also hear him take off his pants by the sound of the belt buckle ready to play with himself ). 


As I close the door I slap My BIG ASS cheek and tell him, you're just a "little sub hub" that's all you are, and BIG DOM wife has the goods. If your a good "little sub hub" you'll get yourself a little taste of this, just a little tiny taste. Look at that BIG BEHIND isn't it beautiful? Don't you just feel like touching it? I'm BIG DOM wife that's right. Then I start telling him that BIG DOM wife needs a Real Man to take care of Me.... (suggestive CUCKOLDING). I don't know if you can handle this.... this is a lot to handle baby.... as I grab and show him My BIG CHEEKS. Look at all that.... that's a lot to handle, a "little sub hub" like yourself.... I don't know if you can handle it. Just a tiny "little sub hub" that's all you are, I think you're maybe even good for nothing. This is BIG STUFF baby this is some major action right here, a little tiny thing like you, I don't know. I don't know if you're capable.... I don't know if you can handle it. I'm going to need a Real Man, a Real Man between these BIG THIGHS, (suggestive CUCKOLDING again). See this BIG CRACK..... you want your tiny face in there? Lets go inside the bedroom so you can dig your tiny little face in there. hubby BEGS.... how PATHETIC!




LX little sub hub
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Price: $5.99

Length: 5 Minutes
Posted: 11/02/2011
Category: Female Humiliation
Resolution: 854X480
Video Format: MP4
Clip Size: 100.84 MB