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LSB Something BIG And Spectacular

Immediately Lady Sofia orders you to get on your knees and crawl to Her. Once you have complied with Her command you look up at Her, She looks down at you and says... She's going to show you something BIG and Spectacular. She turns around and Shows you Her MEGA ASS and orders you to worship Her Ass.

Kiss My Ass commands Lady Sofia. She says look at your little face up My Ass kissing it. She wants Her Ass to be kissed all over. She is getting bored with you, so She takes off Her panties, shows you Her AssHole and orders you to lick it. She orders you to shove your face in there. She feels you don't even deserve to lick and kiss and ass like Hers. So, since She has given you this opportunity She want you to lick it and lick it good.... says Lady Sofia.

Are you prepared to worship, kiss and lick Lady Sofia MEGA ASS?                                       Go ahead press the "BUY NOW" button.

Contains: BBW ASS WORSHIP, BBW ASSHOLE LICKING, BIG BUTT, BIG LEGS....                             POINT OF VIEW.

LSB Something BIG And Spectacular
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Price: $9.99

Length: 9:16 Minutes
Posted: 06/29/2019
Category: BIG BUTTS
Resolution: 1280X720
Video Format: MP4
Clip Size: 481.03 MB