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BBB Back End Support

As one of the executives of an all-female adult company, by law we are required to hire males within the company. I put an ad in the newspapers, which this candidate answers. So here I am in the interview process. He comes in dressed like a slob and not the most eloquently spoken. I'm very offended. I think that he assumed that this workplace would be relaxed because it's run by women. There's no way I would allow him to be the public face of this company.


Besides the truth be told these men that we hire are only for the mediocre jobs such as:


Cleaning around the office, bringing coffee,

running errand, etc.... Pretty much GOFERS.


So I tell him that I'm going to interview him for a special position.... Back End Support. My office is quite large and I proceed to test his skills. I take him by the couch and order him to get down on his knees. I ask him if he is ready to service this "Back End Support". He needs to worship My ass to see if he is even viable for this job. 


It seems that something has just changed with My BIG ASS in his face. His attitude.... he now thanks Me for giving him this opportunity. So, I put him through the grinder by having him lick My asshole thoroughly and worship it. He's NOT quite there yet in the ass-eating department, so

I guide him step by step what to do. I start seeing that he is enjoying this, so there's hope. With proper guidance from Me eventually his oral skills will improve. Once finished we go back to My desk, I inform him that he still need some training, but I think after several more training sessions he'll make a good addition to this company.


Note: Do to personal information the first

46 seconds are mute.



BBB Back End Support
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Length: 13:31 Minutes
Posted: 11/25/2018
Category: BBW Asshole Licking
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