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BBB Suck And Make Me Some MONEY

BIG BOOTY Becky is a GODDESS that has endless emails from fans throwing themselves to Her feet willing to do whatever it takes to have some type of relationship with Her so they too can fulfill their kinky fetishes. She knows that all to well…. and She always takes advantage of each situation accordingly.


So BIG BOOTY Becky always test the boundaries. Here She has a fan that is willing to do whatever it takes to have a steady relationship with Her. She confronts him on this and tells him to suck Her BIG Strap-On. The fan is taken by surprise when She pulls it out. The size of it is.... HUGE!


She assures him that…. his lips…. will meet….

Her Strap-On. Seeing he has NO option, he starts servicing Her BIG Strap-On. She immediately lights up a cigarette and asks him if he knows why he is sucking the strap-on, his reply: because you asked me to. She says no, and proceeds to inform him that She will put him on the streets to make Her some money. 


With that said BIG BOOTY Becky continues the conversation while smoking Her cigarette and him sucking on the Strap-On....

DOMINATING & HUMILIATING Her fan. She sees that his lips are getting numb so She informs him that they will meet tomorrow again for his continuing training until She is convinced he is good and ready.


Her words:

“Tomorrow 2 o’clock this dick that mouth”


NOTE: The sucking went on for over an hour but you get to see the best part of 11 minutes.



BBB Suck And Make Me Some MONEY
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Price: $12.99

Length: 12:53 Minutes
Posted: 11/24/2016
Category: STRAP-ON
Resolution: 1920X1080
Video Format: MP4
Clip Size: 540.56 MB